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You guys have been supporting Nigel Sylvester since the beginning of his BMX career, there’s been plenty of interviews that get the inside track on who he is as a biker. But for the first time he has sat down with the Fashion Editor at and we talked fashion and the release of his Nike 6.0 Chocolate Mavrk. What I found was Nigel was much more than the BMX legend that he’s becoming, and has successfully transitioned into quite the businessman in his own right. Ladies, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to ask him his relationship status, but what I found was this 21 year old Queens native, has fallen in love and mastered, much like riding, the art of fashion. Last week we featured the sneakers in “ My Kick Game Nice” and got so many emails requesting more info about the shoe, so back by popular demand Global Grind presents the Nike 6.0/ Nigel Sylvester Chocolate Mavrk only available at



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‘Forever in Fashion’