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The Wire was just named the best television show of all time by Entertainment Weekly. First airing in 2002, the nation was captivated by the gritty HBO series that ruled the airwaves for 6 years.

Some rooted for the drug dealers, others for Jimmy McNulty and his surveillance squad to capture the criminals and clean up the streets of Washington DC. 

EW points out that the reason the show never won their much deserved Emmy is the exact reason why it’s the greatest show ever. 

The most sustained narrative in television history, The Wire used the drug trade in Baltimore, heavily researched by creator David Simon, to tell tales of race and class with unprecedented complexity.

Another reason is that the acting on this show was second to none. We’re talking Stringer Bell, played by Idris Elba, Omar Little, played by Michael K Williams, and the list goes on. 

Unlike many television shows, the actors from The Wire are still making big moves in Hollywood. Check out where some of your favorite Wire alum are now. 

Stringer Bell: Idris Elba is currently the star of two big movies this summer. First, Kanye’s favorite movie Pacific Rim, as well as the biopic of Nelson Mandela, Mandela: Walk To Freedom. He’ll also appear in Thor 2. 

Detective Lester Freamon: Clarke Peters just starred in the Spike Lee joint Red Hook Summer, and continues to do his thing on HBO’s Treme.

Tommy Carcetti: Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor who played in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. He is currently the host of the show Other Voices and has won two Irish Film & Television Awards. 

Wallace: Michael B. Jordan also played Vince in another hit series, Friday Night Lights. He was Jamaal in the movie Hardball and Michael in the 1999 series, Cosby. He also was the youngest African-American to be contracted with an ABC series, All My Children. Currently, he is playing a recovered alcoholic named Alex on the show Parenthood. Oh! And did we mention that he’s the star of the upcoming film Fruitvale Station?

Michael Lee: Tristan Wilds went from Baltimore to L.A. when Wilds played Dixon in the hit show 90210. He also starred in the talked-about-movie The Secret Life of Bees, and in Red Tails.

Omar: This wasn’t the only HBO series that Michael K. Williams played in. He also was “Chalky” on Boardwalk Empire. He was a dancer for artists like Madonna before he became an urban Robin Hood, appearing in shows like Alias, Law & Order, Boston Legal and The Sopranos. He later became an executive producer; his first movie was Snow on the Bluff. 

Chris Paltrow: Gbenga Akinnagbe was in the show Numb3ers and played Ben. He also was in the movie The Savages. He did a guest appearance in Season 10 of Law & Order, as well as on the new show Graceland.