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So I have been expecting this.

For days now I have thought that without the connection to the suffering and direct insight and sensitivity about the plight of those who have been and are still “the hunted” in America, a jury might just might find some doubt and free George Zimmerman.

The truth is, a country or state that allows an ambitious community watchman to carry a gun and hunt an innocent child is the one and only definitively guilty party. When our laws ill-effect one community much more then another they must be challenged. I join the Trayvon Martin Foundation in their fight to end every law in America that creates the environment for a tragedy like to this to ever happen again.

Tonight, Trayvon, rest in perfection, know that in your memory, your family has already saved hundreds, perhaps, thousands of lives and I am confident that they will save many, many more in the years to come.

God bless you little brother. Rest in peace.

~Russell Simmons