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The evidence against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez keeps on piling up…and it’s not looking good.

Hernandez was caught on his own surveillance cameras holding what authorities believe to be a gun – only several moments after his friend and semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd had been killed. He was shot five times.

Released by the Attleboro District Court, the photographs show Hernandez holding the gun before and after the shooting.

According to the Huffington Post:

Four pictures show Hernandez in his basement holding a gun shortly after Lloyd was killed, an affidavit released Thursday says. The surveillance was cut off within minutes.

Two other photos show what authorities say is Hernandez in his living room, a few hours before Lloyd’s killing, also holding what they say is a gun.

Authorities believe Lloyd was killed with a .45-caliber Glock, which they have said hasn’t been recovered. Prosecutors have said that a gun Hernandez is seen holding in the home surveillance appears to be a Glock.

Authorities recovered an ammunition clip for .45 caliber bullets in Hernandez’s Hummer as well as ammunition of the same caliber inside a condo he rented in Franklin, Mass.

Defense attorneys are not happy that the previously sealed documents are now open to the public, saying it is “systematically undermining” Hernandez’s right to a fair trial.

But with evidence like this, seems like Hernandez already had some problems coming his way.

SOURCE: HuffPost