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Rihanna has a gun in her mouth, an AK 47 to be exact, but the actuality of it isn’t as morbid as it sounds.

It takes a self-certified Bad Gal like Rihanna to go against the grain when it comes to everything from clothing to gold teeth. We don’t know who is lacing Ri’s teeth with all these gold goodies, but she is about to bring their career to new heights.

Earlier in the week, Rihanna posted an Instagram photo with a small gold cross between her teeth, a desirable alternative to a mouth full of gold. But this morning she one-upped herself when she posted another image of her teef wrapped in a gold rendition of an AK 47.

Naturally, much like every other instance, there is a Rihanna lyric to bring this image to life. Rihanna captioned the photo with the longest hashtag in hashtag history: #ilickthegunwhenimdonecuziknowthatrevengeissweet. Seven albums in seven years will provide you a quote for just about every life situation.

Are you feeling Rihanna’s new take on the old grill?

PHOTO CREDIT: Bad Gal Riri’s instagram.