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The most brain-racking (and cliché) question known to man has to be “if you only had 3 beauty items to take on a deserted island, what would they be?” The answers would typically range from simply “mascara” to “lip gloss,” but the truth is, not any ol’ product will due on first introduction…you’d have to take a beauty cult-classic on that humdrum ride to the land of the unknown to really survive.

If there is one lesson every woman in her mid-to-late twenties should know by now, it’s this: there are some beauty products that will always, always be a part of your life. No matter how many innovative new overly priced items you experiment with (like the ones lingering in your bathroom cabinet right now) your cult classic will always be a fallback. Whether you were introduced to them in high school or found their magic powers later in life, know cult beauty classics always hold you down.

What exactly makes a cult-classic? It’s accessible at numerable locations and has a reasonable price point, the formula and packaging are always relatively uniform, and you can’t go without this staple in your makeup bag. Heck, you may have a few of them laying around for optimal access.

The cult beauty classic, however, is something like a folklore of the beauty realm – the knowledge must be passed on from generation to generation or from girlfriend to girlfriend over Bellini’s and bruschetta. We’re all girlfriends here, right? So let’s spill the tea on some of the best cult classic beauty items on the shelves right now.

If you don’t have this baby in your purse, you’re missing a vital cult must-have. The ROSEBUD PERFUME CO. Rosebud Salve multi-purpose lip balm soothes dry lips, calms and heals irritation, and soothes the sting of minor burns. Try dabbing on dry elbows or knees to condition and relieve dryness. Also an excellent remedy for the treatment of diaper rash if you’re a mama.

Many have come after, but Maybelline Great Lash has been America’s favorite mascara for over 40 years. It conditions as it thickens, contains a lash-doubling formula that glides on smoothly to build plump lashes and has a brush that makes it easy to get a full lash look without clumps or globs. It is also contact lens safe.

Ask any woman about her favorite red lip, and we’re almost sure she will drop one of these two names. M.A.C has mastered the art of a red hue that has properties for people of every skin tone. The secret? The blueish undertone that both of these bold matte hues encompass. The formula can admittedly be a little dry at times, but if you’re priming with one of our next cult faves, you won’t have any problems maintaining moisture.

All the love in the world for beauty products wouldn’t mean a thing if you had a flawless face with ashy chapped lips! This is the A-team, Avengers if you may, of cult classics when it comes to keeping your lips at their optimal health. Already chapped? Slather on any one of these balms and with a little sugar, exfoliate your lips in circular motions with your finger tip for a minute. Wipe it off and your kisser will be ready for all the lipstick in all the land.

Sadly, sometimes lotion doesn’t cut it, and you need a product with a little more versatility. Rubbing your body down with a balm directly after a shower and pat drying with a towel is the trick to sealing moisture and obtaining radiant, supple skin. Cracked or dry feet? Slather any of the above on your hands and/or feet, wrap them in saran wrap, cover with socks and the foot fairy will bless you with beautiful hoofs by the a.m. All of the above are also optimal as makeup removers when you’re in a beauty crunch.

We’ve talked everything from lashes to lips and back, but all of that against a face that isn’t as radiant as your personality is moot. Good makeup starts with good skincare, and that doesn’t always have to be expensive, it just has to be routine. First step of that routine is never, ever sleeping with makeup on. Can’t commit to a wash before bed? Neutrogena cleansing towelettes remove every last trace of cosmetics, oil and dirt from your skin. They’re unscented and there is no need to rinse after wiping. Keep it simple with your product, and your skin will keep it simple with the breakouts, simple as that.

Now that we’ve shared all of our cult classics with you, you can shop them all with just one click below.

And don’t keep the knowledge all for yourself. It’s folklore, you have to share this article on social media and pass it down!

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