Felicia Hershenhorn opens up about her sexual wellness brand RUNI and her work as a female founder after leaving her law firm.

From Halle's announcement as Disney's newest princess to Chloe's insane musical skills, these two are a force in entertainment, and now, the beauty industry. The talented sisters recently announced they are the new faces of skincare and beauty brand, Neutrogena.

J. Lo discussed her new single "In The Morning" (which came complete with internet-breaking artwork), her upcoming JLo Beauty line, and more.

Bad Gal RiRi does it again... details on the launch inside.

The songstress keeps it a stack when a fan asks her to drop her skincare routine under a random selfie.

Although the #Blizzardof2015 was a little underwhelming for some parts of the northeast, I bet you are all currently Googling how to keep your skin looking dewy and moisturized through these harsh conditions. I put together 5 tips to keep your skin radiant and fresh. Make sure to follow all tips for the best results. Drink […]

It’s already been established that the newly-married jack of all trades and master of everything, Pharrell Williams, is a vampire (seriously, he hasn’t aged since 25) but the 40-year-old’s secret to always-flawless, always-glowing blemish-free skin may be as simple as finding a routine and sticking to it. Oh, and washing your damn face. We guess […]

The most brain-racking (and cliché) question known to man has to be “if you only had 3 beauty items to take on a deserted island, what would they be?” The answers would typically range from simply “mascara” to “lip gloss,” but the truth is, not any ol’ product will due on first introduction…you’d have to […]