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Chloe and Halle Bailey are elevating at lightning speed these days. From Halle’s announcement as Disney’s newest princess to Chloe’s insane musical skills, these two are a force in entertainment, and now, the beauty industry. The talented sisters recently announced they are the new faces of skincare and beauty brand, Neutrogena. The two shared the news on their joint account last week.

Halle asks, “Wouldn’t it be wild if we were the new faces of Neutrogena?” Chloe responds, “Yeah, that would be wild.”

Today, the brand posted a cute TikTok trend-inspired video of their newest spokeswomen, and it shares a bit more about their preferences on men, skincare products and upkeep. Neutrogena captions the “this or that” video bragging on the Baileys and how “head over heels” they are for these two.

Chloe and Halle have flawless skin and glow from the inside out. In the past, the duo shared how they maintain their vegan lifestyles with fans. We assume their diet is a big part of why they have a natural radiance to their skin. As the new representatives of Neutrogena, it is fair to say they also have an ideal skincare routine to match the lifestyle.

Here’s a throwback with media talent, Ebro, where Halle is unapologetically eating pizza while Chloe is investigating if it was made with vegan cheese.

Both Chloe and Halle continue to inspire a generation of girls to live a positive, healthy and honest lifestyle. It is beautiful to see them partnering with brands and companies that align with who they genuinely are.

Congrats on the partnership! More coins and success in the near future.


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