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Don’t you just love the majestic elegance of the one and only Prince?

Over the past three decades, we’ve all become very familiar with Prince’s timeless music and his elusive behavior, but what we didn’t know about Prince is that he actually has a great sense of humor.

When Dave Chappelle’s hilarious “Prince: True Hollywood Story” episode aired, it became an instant comedic classic, but who knew Prince would actually find it hysterical?

Over the weekend, Prince (who recently joined Twitter) tweeted the cover art to his forthcoming new single “Breakfast Can Wait,” and to our surprise, it features a picture of Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince holding a plate of pancakes.

At first we didn’t believe it was real, but to our bewilderment, it was. So to honor Prince and all of his permed glory, we here at GlobalGrind decided to round up 16 epic pictures of Prince being the artist formerly known as Prince, among many other amazing adjectives.

If you have a few minutes, scroll down and enjoy Prince’s eclectic outfits, fabulous hair, and equally fabulous chest hair down below.