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“Go, Go Power Rangers!”

Nostalgia is everything…If you were a ’90s kid, then you know all about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – which spanned three seasons and spawned a feature film – was the first incarnation of a live-action series that centered around teenagers with superpowers and some kick-ass costumes. The show took place in the fictional town of Angel Grove, California, and the rangers had to fight an array of evil, all while having to deal with the angst of being teens.

And today, August 28th, is the 20th anniversary of Haim Saban‘s classic show; a show that was so dope that in 2010, it was resurrected – with a new logo, comic book-referenced graphics, and more visually-appealing special effects – and aired on ABC Kids.

Since all of us at GlobalGind literally uttered in sync:

…reminiscing about how we yearned to be a Power Ranger as kids, we decided to compile a list of 7 reasons why everybody loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Check out the list below, and have a morphin good time!

1. First off, we loved Kimberly…she was the definition of pretty in pink.

God Bless you, Kimberly!

2. Tommy as the Green Ranger…

Because you secretly wanted to play a flute instrument…

It was kinda, sorta awesome that he was the evil power ranger at some point…

And the Green Ranger might’ve very well been your favorite because just like you, Tommy had mad love for the Pink Ranger…twerk Kimmy, Kimmy twerk!

3.  All the unnecessary choreographed routines:

4. The weird-ass monsters:

The Putty Patrol:

Rita Repulsa:

5. The weapons:

And those monsters didn’t stand a chance against the megazord!

6.  When Tommy lost his powers as the Green Ranger…

And was like…

7. “Aye yi yi yi yi!” Who can forget about Alpha 5? Always pressing away at those buttons.