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Do you remember where you were the very first time you laid eyes on TLC?

If you’re a die-hard TLC fan, your first recollection of the diamond-selling girl group should probably date back to 1992 or 1993, when Chilli, T-Boz, and Left Eye weren’t “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg.”

The fresh-faced threesome exuded the confidence of an “around the way” girl and had the bubbly personalities of a dozen cheerleaders, but what made them so cool was their ability to be comfortable in their own skin.

TLC made girls of all ages proud of being a girl, and to top it off, they were always promoting a socially conscious message (years later I would find out what those circular bright yellow objects were on Left Eye’s left eye).

With the release of TLC’s biopic growing near, it was only right we take a trip down memory lane and explore all the reasons young girls who grew up in the ’90s wanted to be crazy, sexy, and most importantly, cool.

So take a second to find your inner crazy, sexy, cool, and explore why TLC were a ’90s girl’s best friend below.

Left Eye made it cool to be yourself…

even if you were a little crazy.

Chilli made being “sexy” a humble and modest character trait.  

And if you were more reserved…T-Boz was basically the BFF you never had.

TLC taught girls the value of friendship.

TLC also made it cool for women not to be ashamed to purchase condoms in the era when HIV/AIDS was taking the lives of so many young people.


Oh, and they were in Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” video, which let us know that “girl power” was real longgggg before the Spice Girls.

Did we mention they could dance? 

And then the “Creep” video came out…


Besides wanting silky pajamas (in red, blue, or pink) and fastening only one button…

you probably spent countless hours trying to learn….

the entire dance routine …

…to no avail.

TLC also inspired so many hairstyles. If you had short hair, you definitely cut your hair like T-Boz’s at LEAST once…


Oh, and Chilli’s baby hair was EVERYTHING!


And Left Eye made it cool to experiment with different hairstyles.


If you happened to go hoarse…no biggie. You got excited because you knew what it felt like to be T-Boz for a day…or two. 

And Chilli’s flawless body had every girl flexing her abs in the mirror at night. 

TLC also confirmed what us girls have always known: most guys are indeed SCRUBS.

Basically, TLC debunked the third wheel stigma and made it cool for girls to roll in a pack of three.

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