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The Beyhive is rejoicing today as their mother, Queen Bey, turns another year older, and of course, we couldn’t miss out on celebrating the monarch of pop music’s B-Day.

Beyonce is now 32 years-old, and, like fine wine, this diva just keeps getting better. From putting on a massive performance at the Super Bowl, to unveiling herself in an HBO documentary, to kicking off her fifth world tour — even without a new album— we think it’s safe to say Bey is having one of the best years EVER. And, most importantly, this superstar is coming more into her own and giving no f*cks about what anybody has to say about it.

With that said, check out 32 reasons Beyonce’s 32nd year was her best yet and made us love her so much more.

1. In case you missed it, this girl shut down the Super Bowl this year… literally the lights went out.

2. Beyonce owned her post-baby bod and flaunted it for all the world to see on the cover of GQ.

3. Her hair got stuck in one of her infamous stage fans and she laughed it off.

4. Um… she joined forces with Kid President.

5. She got raw and real with Oprah.

6. And then really real in her HBO Documentary, Life Is But A Dream, about her previous miscarriage, her marriage and career.

7. She mastered the art of being fashionably late at the Met Gala.

8. And unveiled even more bootylicious lady lumps in a huge H&M campaign.

9. Originally as BaddieBey, she joined Instagram!

10. And relaunched a fabulous website that includes a Tumblr full of personal photos.

11. Remember when she shed every humble bone in her body and told bitches to “Bow Down?”

12. She showed Blue Ivy around Brooklyn.

13. And she rode a bike to her own concert at the Barclays Center.

14. “Shawty went Britney,” because her hair does not define her!

15. And then she switched it up AGAIN…

16. In the credits of her hubby’s album, she goes by Third Ward Trill.

17. She headlined this year’s Made In America festival and slayed it….

18. She shut down all the haters criticizing her Inaugural performance.

19. Make it rain! Bey, along with Hov, reportedly gave their staff a surprise raise.

20. She stood her ground for Trayvon Martin.

21. She went bargain hunting at Target.

22. Beyonce “luh” the kids… she starred in the animated movie, Epic.

23. I am not the one! She set a fan straight:

24. She was the center of one of Drake’s latest hit songs.

25. Beyonce is a grooooown woman!

26. She out danced herself… really.

27. And embraced her inner rachetness.

28. She signed a $50 milli deal with Pepsi.

29. The queen even kicked it in Chinatown.

30. She chilled with Blue Ivy’s future mother-in-law, Amber Rose.

31. Beyonce kept it classic on her third Vogue cover:

32. AND… Bey and Jay smoked Cubanos with Castro in Havana for their anniversary.

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