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Well, this is interesting.

In her first interview since the domestic dispute with husband George Zimmerman earlier this month, Shellie Zimmerman is spilling even more beans and telling the world that she doubts his version of what happened the night Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

“I’m conflicted,” she said. “I believe the evidence but this revelation in my life has helped me take the blinders off. I think anyone would doubt that innocence because I don’t know the person I’ve been married to.”

Shellie did, however, say that she still doesn’t think her soon-to-be ex-husband profiled the teen. But then she revealed to Matt Lauer that George snubbed her after he was acquitted of murdering the 17-year-old.

“He just kind of treated me like I was disposable,” Shellie Zimmerman said on the Today Show. “He went on a victory tour without me.”

And about that huge blowout earlier this month between Shellie, George, and her father where he allegedly threatened her with a gun and broke her iPad?

“In hindsight, I should have pressed charges,” Shellie Zimmerman said.

She told Matt Lauer that she didn’t see a gun but felt threatened after George Zimmerman kept gesturing toward a holster on his hip and saying “step closer.”

She even told Lauer the surprising reason she decided not to press charges.

Police made it clear to her that they would all be going to jail that day, but Shellie would have to stay in jail because she’s serving a year probation for perjury.

Remember when she lied about how much money she and George Zimmerman had in order to protect him?

She wants to finally be done with the union, but that seems impossible now that she doesn’t know where to find her husband to serve him with divorce papers.

Maybe this latest interview will bring him out of hiding.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel | PHOTO CREDIT: Today