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Ever since Dave Chappelle decided to end his hit television show to explore the comfy surroundings of a jungle in Africa, smoke weed and find his inner chi, we’ve all been left with a void.

There isn’t a sketch comedy show that is as funny as Chappelle’s Show, or is there? Comedy Central think they’ve found a hit with the Chappelle’s Show replacement Key and Peele. The show is getting great ratings and becoming an extremely viral hit, racking up 300 million online views.

Former Mad TV writer and star of the show, Key, chimed in on why their skits are so successful.

“We find stuff that has built-in fan bases and built-in audiences really take off,” Key said. “We’re going [to use] different sports a lot this season; there’s a Star Wars sketch this year; certain things that have to do with technology, like what it’s like to try to have a conversation on Skype that will resonate with a lot of people.”

Interesting stuff. And we must admit: after watching a few of their new skits, we’re starting to be like, ‘Dave who?’

Seriously, while no one can replace our man Chappelle, Key and Peele are pretty damn funny. Check out some of their skits compared to a few of Dave Chappelle’s – and let us know what you think!

Key & Peele: Substitute Teacher

Chappelle’s Show — Rick James

Key and Peele: East West Bowl

Chappelle’s Show — The Nigger Show

Key and Peele: Slave Block

Chappelle’s Show — Clayton Bigsby

Key and Peele: Pegasus Sighting

Comedy Central

Chappelle’s Show — Player Haters Ball

Key & Peele: Obama Translator

Chappelle’s Show — Africa News

Key and Peele: Soul Food

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Comedy Central