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Here’s some good news. The Department of Justice is preparing to sue North Carolina over a restrictive voting law that they say is an illegal form of discrimination. The law being challenged limits early voting periods and requires government photo ID’s that disenfranchises many minorities at the ballot box. The lawsuit will be filed on Monday. [NPR]

Amanda Knox may be 5,000 miles away from Italy, but her troubles in the country are far from over. A new murder trial against Knox has reopened in a Tuscan appeals court, which will focus on the technical issues in the case. If you recall, Knox was convicted of murdering her British roommate in 2007, but those convictions were thrown out in 2011. She maintains her innocence. [Telegraph]

So this happened. A 37-year-old man distraught about the finalization of his divorce injected his 4-year-old son with heroin, ketamine, morphine and codeine, then injected himself. The mother of the boy showed up to the house to pick her son up and found both Eric Emil Lehtinen and their child unconscious. Both were transferred to the hospital, where the 4-year-old remains. The Lehtinen was released and is now in jail on a first-degree murder charge. [Gawker]

The 22-year-old son of Roc-a-fella Records founder Damon Dash was arrested last week after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and choking her. It gets worse…the dispute started because she didn’t want to have sex with him. [HipHopWired]