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With just one look at the front row at Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2014 show this weekend, one indisputable fact: Wine stained lips are being brought up a notch this season with even darker scarlet lips. Like the red lip of yesteryears, dabbling in a lip color with a darker purple hue is an automatic up-notch to any ‘fit, and it serves as the perfect blend between too polished, and too edgy.

But, just like with any lip color there is a shade for every skin tone and no scarlet lip is one color fits all. From redder undertones to more plum color swatches, finding your perfect dark shade for fall is a personal endeavor, but one universal truth is the lip prep that it includes. Before including your new lip in the beauty routine, prep your kisser with the following steps.

1. Exfoliate those lips. (use a toothbrush on moisturized lips or a sugar and lip balm scrub) 

2. Moisturize that pucker. Try cult favorite Rosebud Salve.

3. Line those lips with a color appropriate liner. 

4. Fill in your lip with the scarlet of your skin tone’s choice. 

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