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Uh, Emily where are you?

Last night, the cast of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars hit the red carpet at the Forever Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles to screen the much-anticipated, and clearly very important mid-season Halloween special. If you aren’t familiar with our unhealthy obsession with PLL, the Halloween episode is where the show sets up plot points to incept your brain and keep you on your toes for the show’s return.

And the red carpet pretty much played the same role, as Sasha Pieterse, who plays the kinda-dead-but-not-really-dead Allison on the show, showed up donning a symbolic red coat.

Notably missing were Shay Mitchell, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn, Janell Parish and Keegan Allen (Emily, Ezra, Caleb, Mona and Toby for the fans).

The true star of the night? Trioan Bellisario‘s (aka Spencer) very appropriate, and very well-executed black lipstick.

Check out stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and more below.

Trioan Bellisario

Pretty Little Liars cast

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Sasha Pieterse

Lucy Hale