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Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns

We don’t know if it’s the cheap Bud Light or the nitrate-rich hot dogs, but something about sports, beer, and a crowded stadium gets sports fans turned all the way up.

Whether it’s behind hockey plexiglass or in front of the exit gates at MetLife Stadium, extreme sports fans will go to great lengths to protect the teams they don’t even play on – even if that means punching a few people and bloodying some noses.

And in some cases, it’s not even about the score. It’s just because, well…people like to fight. Whether the thrill of the touchdown or the countless keg stands during tailgating, it sure makes for some intense brawls.

Don’t believe us? Here are some battles that make us go “ouch, damn, and TAKE HIM TO JAIL!”

Jets v. Patriots (2013)

The quick fight shows an upset Jets fan arguing with two women. Words are quickly transformed into fists, as the fan punches the female Patriots fan in the face. No arrests were made in the fight, but one thing is for sure…nobody ever taught this guy that hitting women is a no-no.

Yankees v. Marlins  (2009)

It all started like any other fight, we think. According to Deadspin, the two fans exchanged words after the Marlins fan cursed out the Yankee fan’s wife. After defending his wife, the Marlins fan took the insults a bit further, taunting the Yankee fan’s 10-year-old daughter, who was crying after seeing her father fight. The Marlins fan was then kicked out of the game, while the dad consoled his little girl. It’s family first in this battle.

Lakers v. Suns (2012)

The two fans came together after a live post-game show, which showed a lot of peace and unity between the two – until you throw a Kobe jersey in the mix. The Lakers fan constantly waves his jersey in the Suns fan’s face. After ignoring it once, twice, and a third time, the two exchanged a couple of fists. What’s funny about it all? The broadcasters didn’t even know what was going down behind them.

Giants v. Dodgers (2009)

While it looks like the guy with the black hat was trying to calm down the argument against the two fans, he’s the one who actually got things started. After creating a big enough space, check out the 0:43 mark where he makes his move. There’s no winner here in this fight, but it looks like the only thing worth saving were the cameras and tripods.

Raiders v. Chargers (2006)

The brawl between the hefty fans went from zero to ten in less than five seconds. At least the fans had someone egging them on, with the guy filming suggesting others to join. “Go ahead dude, go for it.” Anything to make it to YouTube, right?

Ravens v. Chiefs (2011)

Let’s face it, the Ravens and the Chiefs will never get along. After this one-hit scuffle, Kansas City think they had something to be proud of during the 30-second fight.

49’ers v. Raiders (2011)

The two teams have had a long history of fan fights between them, including one person getting shot in 2011 after a game. Here’s one of the many brawls that went down that evening, with others getting it in across the bleachers.

San Francisco Giants v. Oakland A’s (2011)

Fighting because of too much alcohol is understandable here, but what did the Heineken stand have to do with anything? Here we see fans fighting anything and everything that got in their way.

Yankees v. Red Sox (2010)

After a Yankee and a Red Sox fan were asked to leave the game, both of their very strong supporters decided to take things into their own hands. At the 2:44 mark, you can see the Yankee fan pour a beer on the Red Sox fan, and all hell breaks loose. Given the deep rooted rivalry between the two teams, it’s no surprise that the argument grew into something much worse.

Detroit Pistons v. Pacers (2004)

When it comes to overly dedicated fans, the rowdy group that makes up the Detroit Pistons’ fan base takes the cake. Before Metta World Peace joined the Lakers, he was part of the Indiana Pacers as Ron Artest. After getting into a fight with Ben Wallace at a Pistons home game, fans later got involved by throwing bottles, beer, food and even chairs at World Peace and Stephen Jackson. The infamous video from 2004 tells most of what happened that fateful night.


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