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Rehab and celebrity almost seem synonymous.

With the news of Chris Brown entering into an anger management rehab facility, many critics are skeptical of the “Fine China” singer’s ability to change. Let’s face it, even #TeamBreezy fans are beginning to lose hope.

Well, we’re here to let you know that all hope is not lost. Forget about celebrity rehab fails like Lindsay Lohan and DMX, there are celebrities who’ve entered rehab facilities and returned to Hollywood better than ever.

Former party girl Nicole Richie found herself in big trouble when she was charged with heroin possession back in 2003. The then-21-year-old socialite entered into a rehab facility for a month. After her release, Nicole seemed to have it all together, but after rumors of an eating disorder, she returned to rehab in 2006. Since her second stint in rehab, Nicole hasn’t looked back.

In 1988, actress Drew Barrymore entered into rehab at the tender age of 13. Her addiction to cocaine and alcohol was consuming her life as a child star, and although Drew had to attempt rehab twice, by the time she was a consenting adult, she was back in Hollywood making great movies.

Despite all of Chris Brown’s run-ins with the law, paparazzi, and other celebrities, these 17 rehab success stories are a true testament that you can overcome darkness and return to stardom.

We’re wishing Chris Brown well, and we hope to see him as a better man in three months. Check out the 17 celebrities who were successful after rehab in the gallery below.

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