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Hip-Pop Hooray! A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Hawaii will advance to the House after being passed by the Senate with 20 “aye” votes and four “no” votes. Read about it, here…[Buzzfeed]

Well, this is scary. A Wisconsin man dressed as a clown is being accused of dangling a child upside down from an overpass after coming home inebriated from a Halloween party. A witness said the suspect, Antonio Brown, dragged two screaming children into the woods around 2 a.m. Sunday. The children are said to be Brown’s girlfriend’s children. A criminal complaint says Brown forced the children to drink alcohol, then dangled the oldest one from the overpass. He later dangled the younger child, an 8-year-old, from a train car. [HuffPost]

Sorry teenagers, buying cigarettes in NYC just got a bit harder. On Wednesday, lawmakers adopted strict limits that will require the legal age to purchase tobacco to be 21 (it was previously 18). Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would sign the bill, which from that point would take six months to go into effect. [NYT]

Detroit is out of money, but that also means that Detroit police are out of bullets. Officers on the beat are being forced to buy their own gear and ammunition in the bankrupted city because of lack of funds. Read about it, here…[CBS]

On Tuesday afternoon, a subway rider in NYC snapped a picture of a boy resembling the autistic 14-year-old, Avonte Oquendo, who has been missing since October 4. When asked if he was Avonte, the boy didn’t answer, a reaction common in those with autism. The teenager who took the boy’s photo didn’t immediately report the sighting to authorities because he wasn’t supposed to be on the train. Police are still searching for the missing child. [DailyMail]

A school in Southern California is taking a stand against gyrating teens and Miley Cyrus, banning “twerking” from its premises. Students are probably pissed, but school isn’t a place for dance anyway. Read about it, here…[DailyMail]

Guess who has a new gig? Former NSA contractor (and infamous whistleblower) Edward Snowden has found a new job at a Russian website, according to the RIA Novosti Russian news agency. His lawyer didn’t say the name of the website where Snowden will work, but we doubt he plans to leak any information in the country that granted him asylum. [TIME]