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Let’s face it. Halloween might be over, but the offensive costumes and themes that outraged us all are year round.

Like that “Hood Ratchet World Star Hip-Hop” party that a University of Michigan fraternity planned for later this month. The racially insensitive invitation of a black man holding wads of cash was even complete with a requested list of guests:

“Bad bitches, white girls, basketball players, thugs and gangsters.”

And forget about an apology for their insensitivity. The fraternity, Theta Xi, blamed the cancellation of the party on black people who complained and made it about race.

“I wish that we lived in an age where we as people could collectively celebrate the music that we consume without aggravating racial sensitivities,” Allen Wu, a frat member said. “It pains me to see that ‘hip-hop parties’ are immediately cast under a racial lens, even if not so intended.”

Which leads us to believe that Wu needs a lesson on the art of hip-hop. Clearly Theta Xi’s belief that “ratchet pussy” constitutes real hip-hop, while widely believed, is grossly inaccurate.

But they aren’t the only offenders. Sororities, fraternities and party-goers worldwide have thrown some questionable celebrations. So in an attempt to help you avoid that party foul, here are eight other real-life party themes you should just never EVER use.

1. The Asia Prime Party

Yep. This happened back in February at Duke University. Kappa Sigma fraternity threw the “racist rager” that featured the puppet character of former Korean leader Kim Jong-Il from Team America: World Police, and reads “Herro Nice Duke Peopre” in a misspelling intended to convey an East Asian accent on the invite. And then there were the photos…which are a clear indication that no one understands cultural appropriation.

2. The “Fiesta”

Another sorority, another offensive party. This also happened at a university (this time Penn State) and the party, which was described as a “fiesta,” was complete with sombreros, mustaches, and the most offensive signs that read “will mow lawn for weed & beer,” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it.” Really? Like…you thought that was OK?

3. The African Party

Note: Dressing up in blackface, wearing what you believe to be traditional African garments or coming to a party dressed as a gorilla or any other wild animal is not a celebration of African culture. Pick up a book and never do this again.

4. The Ghetto Fabulous Yoga Session

Want to throw a ratchet yoga party? Just don’t. You should be worried about your downward dog, not winning a durag in the ghetto fabulous contest. And what did we tell you about the word “ghetto” anyway? Just don’t use it. Ever.

5. The Compton Cookout

These fraternities and sororities across the nation’s universities just don’t get it. Back in 2010, this Compton Cookout held during Black History Month by members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was a real thing. And yes, that is a man dressed in blackface and holding a bucket of chicken from KFC on the Facebook advertisement that also tells party-goers to dress as ghetto chicks and gangsters. Unless you want that NAACP beef (and this frat got it) we suggest you don’t go this route.

6. Bloods & Crips Party

Because gang violence, mentality, life and its effects are never funny. Ever. Someone didn’t tell this frat at Dartmouth College, however. Don’t get caught out there like they did.

7. Monday Night Football Rape-Free Party

Sounds safe enough, but it’s not. Especially when the invite is making light of the recent rape case that occurred on campus while shaming rape victims and honoring football. Just not cool, bro.

8. How To Lure Rape Bait Invitation

Do I need to tell you why this is a no? Read this real-life fuckery here.

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