Remember earlier this week when we told you about a 5-year-old leukemia patient’s dream to become Batman for a day?

Well, it’s happening right now and it’s pretty darn epic.

Over 12,000 volunteers signed up with the Make A Wish Foundation to help turn San Francisco into Gotham for little Miles — a shy kindergartener in remission from his cancer — who wanted to fulfill his dreams of being a superhero.

And with their help, this happened:

And this happened:

And then…this happened:

Yep. That’s Batkid saving a damsel in distress.

But wait. There were even volunteers to dress up like this:

And this:

And yes…Batkid is on his way to make sure that these bad guys won’t get away.

President Obama even got on the Batkid wagon:

Long story short, this is the best story we’ve heard all day. Make that all year. And you can follow Batkid’s journey right here.

Tears are optional. Watch Miles…er…BATKID in action below:

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter

San Francisco Batkid Takes Over The Internet (PHOTOS)
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