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Seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing the name Chris Brown, but these days, it’s less about his music and more about his public outbursts.

Brown was ordered to attend rehab for his anger issues earlier this month after his progress hearing in the Rihanna assault case. According to TMZ, Brown gave up his phone and all access to internet, but refused to give up his marijuana.

He asked rehab staff if he could keep his weed with him, but when they refused, Breezy had a fit. He pleaded that the Mary Jane was medicinal and prescribed for his depression. But rehab staff refused to change their minds.

Chris was ordered to do 90 days at a stay in rehab for his anger issues. He previously spent 16 days before getting kicked out for allegedly throwing a rock at his mother’s car. Let’s just hope his marijuana withdrawals don’t upset him too much…


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