Seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing the name Chris Brown, but these days, it’s less about his music and more about his public outbursts. Brown was ordered to attend rehab for his anger issues earlier this month after his progress hearing in the Rihanna assault case. According to TMZ, Brown gave up his phone […]

DJ Khaled is known for putting out some great hip-hop bangers and it’s no different with his newest hitmaker-filled song, “Legendary.” “Legendary” is the next single off of his upcoming album, We the Best Forever, out this month on July 19th. The track features Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and NeYo singing together while delivering some […]

Twitter beef is all the rage among the artists of today. Many celebs have been using it to hash out their issues with fellow artists. “Sure Thing” singer Miguel sparked Twitter beef flames when he tweeted that “imitation was the highest form of flattery” in reference to songbird Lloyd‘s new tattoo on the back of his head. PHOTOS: […]


(via @AlliesWired) After performing in Frankfurt, Germany on April 23rd, Rihanna and her best girlfriend were snapped arriving hand in hand at the concert’s afterparty. Melissa apparently got a tattoo matching Rihanna’s, which says, “never a failure, always a lesson” on her inner arm. [pagebreak] It’s the same tattoo that Rihanna got a couple of […]

Style shot these exclusive images of Melyssa Ford while she filmed her reality show pilot, Single, Sexy and Starving (co-starring Elise Neal and Claudia Jordan). Peep these hot shots of video vixen royalty, and then return tomorrow (March 26) for the second half of the shoot! Click Here For More Shots Of The Sexy Melyssa […]

2010 is upon us and join us as some of today’s hottest celebrities reveal their New Year’s Resolutions. (This will be updated throughout the day) Ashanti My first resolution is to join twitter!! I’m launching it for the new year! @ashantithisisme. My second and personal resolution is to continue to grow, learn and just be […]

Thick Skin vs Thin Skin There are two “fixed givens” I know to be true right now: One is that you need “thick skin” to deal with the entertainment business.  Two, is that Derek Blanks is the hottest photographer right now and his “Alter Ego” series is THE thing to do.  Celebrities are clamoring for […]


Chris Rock is back in he spotlight with his new documentary ‘Good Hair’. He traveled the world and back to uncover the secrets of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hair. He talks to celebrities and everyday women about weaves, extensions and natural beauty. Check out pictures from his LA premiere where Nia Long, Melyssa Ford, Raven Simone, […]

In late 2007, I was asked by my good friend Nelson George to be a part of a documentary he and Chris Rock were co-producing about black women and their hair. The idea originated from Chris’ curiosity about the concept of “good hair” after one of his adorable daughters came home and asked, “Daddy, why […]


Hey Global Grinders… First, I want to thank you for reading my blog. Whether we agree or disagree, this is a forum for us to discuss events that are happening in our world currently. The topic of my blog is something that I struggled with because it is such a touchy subject.  But I write […]

Last year a photo of myself and a male friend, who happens to play football, was posted on under the over used-heading “New Couple Alert!!”  In addition to false heading was another comment on the accompanying photo which read something like “Awwww, Melyssa finally found an NFL’er to wife her up!” Really? Thanks for […]


Population control often times crosses my mind every time I run into some asshole who seems like a total waste of skin. My suggestion comes packaged within three little letters: I.U.D.   For those of you who don’t know what an IUD is, and surprisingly there are many, it’s what is referred to as an […]