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A Chicago sandwich shop was not too much into the holiday cheer this year as they decided to not only fire their entire staff, but fire them via email just days before Christmas!

According to CBS, the 20 employees that worked at Snarf’s sub received a group email from the head of the company this past Sunday.

The site reports:

Kevin Brown worked there for almost three years. Just like that, his 30-hour-a-week, $10-an-hour job was gone.

“Two days before Christmas — it’s absolutely ridiculous,” he tells CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov.

Seventeen other Snarf’s employees also got the electronic boot. A company spokesperson confirms that.

Many of those terminated took part in the one-day restaurant strike earlier this month demanding higher wages.

But a company spokesperson says there is no connection. The representative blames the closing on declining business and says there are plans to renovate the restaurant.

The response to the firing has been pretty intense for the company head, but they are telling their employees that they can sign up for unemployment benefits from the state.