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We all know Kanye West loves him some Kim K.

So shit-talking doesn’t fly when it comes to the rapper. But did he just assault an 18-year-old who called the mother of his precious North West a “n*gger lover?”

According to TMZ, that’s what happened.

Kanye and Kim were in Beverly Hills when they were swarmed by photogs.  We’re told the 18-year-old came to Kim’s rescue and held the door of a medical building open so she could get in.  As Kim walked, the guy allegedly said, “F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs”” — referring to the paparazzi.  Kim then told her it was not appropriate to use the N word.  We’re told he then screamed at her, “F**k you bitch.  Just trying to help you.  Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.”

A short time later, Kanye walked into the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill and found the teen sitting there.

Witnesses say Kanye punched the guy and Kim screamed, “We have it all on tape.”

Sources say the massage therapist in the office separated the 2 men.  Beverly Hills cops were called and the 18-year-old said he wanted to press charges.

We’ll keep you updated on details of this alleged fight as they come in.