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Justin Bieber’s mugshot was released today and as far as mugshots go, his is fucking awesome – slightly unnerving – but still awesome.

Obviously, Bieber is probably a little stressed out as the blogosphere continues to harp on his recent arrest for allegedly drag-racing, driving while under the influence, and resisting arrest in Miami. Still, the 19-year-old attempted to take things to the next level and make this an even more memorable moment for himself and the world with a happy mugshot.

This is a hard time for Biebs, his family, and Beliebers everywhere and we hope he learns from his actions... but in the meantime, who can be mad at a mugshot like his?

We gathered 25 photos of celebs smiling in their mugshots below.

…George Boedecker’s is by far the creepiest of them all.

25 Celebs Smiling In Their Mugshots (PHOTOS)
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