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The usually social media savvy Oreo company has left a bitter taste in many mouths after retweeting a user who had the n-word in their account.

According to the Daily Mail, Oreo launched a contest for fans of the snack to try out new flavors for free. After user F***INGN**** showed his support, Oreo retweeted him immediately on Sunday afternoon.

After realizing the mistake, the company took down the tweet. In an interview with the Daily Mail, a spokesperson claimed that the auto reply feature was to blame.

“Last night, tied to an online brand promotion, we offered consumers the chance to be among the first to try our new U.S. limited-edition cookie flavors,” she explained in a statement. “As part of this, we utilized an auto-reply feature which acknowledged consumer tweets as they came in.”

Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice during the unveiling of the new Cookie Dough Oreos next week.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty