Rapper Scarface’s missing autistic son, Brandon Jordan, has been found.

Scarface’s 20-year-old son made headline news when he left his mother’s home in Los Angeles and never returned.

In an interview, his mother Melissa Lollis stated that Brandon, who has a mild form of autism, got upset and left the house.

“He just got agitated, didn’t want to talk about it no more, and just stormed out of the house with nothing.”

She initially didn’t think it was a big deal until she realized Brandon didn’t have his wallet or his cell phone. Once he failed to return home later on that night, Melissa began to worry, calling family members to see if they had seen him. Eventually, seven long days went by and Brandon was still missing. 

Thankfully, members of the LAPD contacted Lollis to inform her that Brandon had been found in good condition. Police haven’t revealed where they found Brandon, but we’re just glad he’s been returned safely. 


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