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Rihanna loves posting photos of herself on Instagram.

This might be annoying if it were someone random you used to know in elementary school – but this is RIHANNA. We can’t stop/get enough of looking at this girl. So any new photos she wants to throw our way are more than welcome.

For yesterday’s #FlashbackFriday Insta-hashtag, RiRi posted some certifiable gems. The “Can’t Remember To Forget You” songstress unleashed images of her old Esquire UK photoshoot from 2012. She’s mostly topless, and if she’s not topless? Well then she’s just wearing an entirely see-through bikini top. NBD.

Ri must have also been inspired to pay homage to Bob Marley, as this week would have been his 69th birthday. In the pics, which are originally from an old trip back to her homeland of Barbados, Ri rocks dreads and smokes up.

Check out topless RiRi to make your Saturday morning a little better down below.


Rihanna Is Esquire Sexy & Bob Marley High In #FBF Posts (PHOTOS)
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