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The Kardashians are always the center of attention.

And it was no different yesterday when Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted out and about. Of course the duo caught the attention of the paparazzi, but this time, the encounter ended up with a bunch of cameramen getting the finger.

Khloe and her sister’s baby daddy were holding hands as they filmed Keeping Up with the Kardashians in L.A. when a paparazzo asked Khloe a rude question. Her reaction was on par with her other bold statement of this week.

E!Online reports:

Just before entering the building, a pap asked her, “Hey Khloé, will you be going to Spain to visit Lamar?” Khloé answered by simply sticking up her right middle finger to the pesky photogs.

That’s what they get.

As you know, Khloe’s ex-husband Lamar Odom just signed with a basketball team overseas. Following their divorce, Khlo is obviously trying to move on with her life, and the paps were clearly trying to get a rise out of her. Plus Khloe has a low tolerance for bull crap.


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