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An escort from the last abortion clinic in Mississippi seems to have seen it all when it comes to patients dealing with protestors outside of the facility she works at.

Michelle Colon recently talked to the Huffington Post about some of her experiences while working at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and they don’t sound too pleasant. No, not at all.

Being that many of the protestors outside of the facility are white, the events that occur when African-American patients come to use the services are very degrading and most might even argue, racist.

She told the outlet:

“[Protestors] literally just go up to every car that comes up the street. They automatically assume that every African American driver is coming to the clinic. They say some of the most disgusting, degrading and racist comments to them about killing the dream, killing the next Barack Obama, the next Martin Luther King. Some of our patients have had fender-bender car accidents upon trying to enter into our driveway because antis are blocking the driveway,”

She even revealed that some of the protestors go as far as filming the patients to try and expose them on the internet:

“They take video of our patients going in and out, they take video of their partners and their support systems and they take video and camera shots of their license plates and then they put that information online, on the web for everyone to see,”

Colon plans to try and fight for patients’ rights in support of the buffer zone laws that are currently being considered by the Supreme Court.

“We are reproductive freedom fighters, and will will not allow them to harass our patients, we will not allow them to intimidate our staff and our doctors, and they’re going to stay out of our driveway and stay out of our walkway,”

Anyone going to an abortion clinic should have the right to full privacy when partaking in such a personal time in their lives. Check out Michelle’s interview up top.

What do you guys think of buffer zones?

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: HuffPostLive

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