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News of Justin Bieber allegedly turning down a plea deal to avoid jail time came out earlier this week, and now it looks like law enforcement in Miami is building their case against the pop star using one important piece of evidence: footage of his sobriety test in jail.

The video, shared by TMZ, shows the Biebs taking the routine test before going behind bars after being arrested for allegedly drag racing and being under the influence of alcohol. In it, we see him attempting to walk a straight line as an officer evaluates his performance.

Law enforcement believes the video, which Bieber’s lawyers did not want leaked, is their strongest piece of evidence, proving just how inebriated they claim he was.

To be honest, it looks like Justin really didn’t do that badly….Sure, he stumbled a couple of times, but he definitely did not appear to be as messed up as initial reports made him out to be.

Check out the video and judge for yourself.


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