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The City of Lights is illuminating, the Eiffel Tower is sparkling, and Rihanna is straight stunting on everyone during Paris Fashion Week. It’s been a long time since we’ve had consecutive sightings of Rihanna during any fashion week, but this year, her schedule allowed her to be very present, pleasant and sexy front row at every show that mattered. 

Spanning the week, Rihanna was spotted at shows ranging from Dior – to which she wore thigh-high stockings attached by a garter belt and a sexy LBD – to Givenchy, where she was the second person in the world to get her feet in a pair of Nike x Givenchy sneakers, second only to Riccardo Tisci himself.

Being Rihanna, she had about three different hairstyles, averaged two very sexy outfits a day, had her stylist Mel Ottenberg alongside her at most shows (we can imagine her pointing out what she wanted to wear from the runway, and actually getting it) and as per her glamorous usual, had her photographers capturing the glam all the way.

Oh, and did we mention Balmain’s entire collection was designed with her aesthetic in mind? Yep, RiRi won Paris Fashion Week. Check out some of her best moments from PaRIH in the gallery below.

Hi, Rihanna.


The Best Moments Of PaRih Fashion Week (PHOTOS)
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