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Chelsea Handler (also affectionately referred to as the biggest b**** ever), covers the March issue of Paper Magazine and she looks just as sassy as her attitude.

The 38-year-old TV personality, graced the cover in Dsquared2 and rocked dresses by Marchesa (pictured above) and KaufmanFranco. The playful dirty blonde bob she flaunted did not go unnoticed. It definitely enhanced her sex appeal as it is drastically different from the usual shoulder length style she often wears on her show.

And as expected, she was brutally honest during her accompanying interview, as she spoke about fashion, her life before the Lately show and her present life today.

Check out a preview of the interview below:

On fashion shows:

“I’m interested in looking good for me, but I’m not interested in going to a fashion show. It’s not real. I went once last year with a boyfriend. I was like, ‘This is the worst nightmare I could have ever been to.’ I was embarrassed to be there.”

On her waitressing days:

“I was the biggest b—-h. I didn’t understand people who wouldn’t look you in the eye and tipped before tax. Do you have any idea the kind of tips I leave? How you make someone feel when they get a $100 tip on a drink?”

On her life now

“Life has become so ridiculous because I have access to such nonsense and I can go to these places. I’ve become so infantilized by having so many assistants — people who take care of you and pack for you and dress you. It just never stops. It’s very random nonsense but I’m glad to have it.”


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