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Paul Walker’s mother and baby mama are battling it out in court over custody of 15-year-old Meadow Walker.

Meadow’s mom, Rebecca, recently removed Meadow from the Walker family home and Cheryl Walker is ready to go to war in court to get her back! Meadow had been living with Cheryl since August, three months prior to her father’s tragic death.

After her father died, Meadow’s mother flew from Hawaii to be with her daughter at Paul’s mother’s home. She planned to stay until things returned to normal. Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse. According to TMZ, after learning that Cheryl filed for legal guardianship of Meadow, Rebecca removed her daughter from the home.

Rebecca is said to have been battling a serious drinking problem for the last six years; during that time she’s received two DUIs. TMZ reports that Rebecca’s drinking is the reason Meadow reached out to her father and asked to live with him in the first place.

Cheryl plans to go to court today to fight for temporary guardianship of the 15-year-old. Unfortunately, TMZ says Rebecca is also ready for an all-out fight. Cheryl, however, allegedly has plenty of evidence that Rebecca’s still battling her addiction and is an unfit parent.


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