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For someone who claims to have let herself go recently, Zoe Saldana still looks damn good–and L’Oréal Paris agrees.

The Colombian beauty has starred in a long list of Hollywood blockbusters, but now she has being the beauty brand’s international spokesperson to add to her credits.

She’s already got a mini-series remake of Rosemary’s Baby, a biopic of Nina Simone and a role in the action flick Guardians of the Galaxy in the works, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of her once her upcoming campaign is released in print and on television. Not that anyone’s complaining.

E! Online had the exclusive on the endorsement, and Zoe shared:

“Growing up, I was taught to believe that I am capable to do anything a man can do,” Saldana says. “This family philosophy has shaped who I am today, and is a conviction that will always accompany me through life. As a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson, being able to say, ‘We’re worth it,’ means so much to me,” she continued. “I want to share that value with women so they can embrace it and execute life with confidence. I am thrilled to join this beauty journey with such an inspirational brand.”

If you ask us, Zoe’s perfect for the role.

Do you see that skin? Whatever serums and creams she’s using, send us two of each.

SOURCE: E! Online

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