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While at a WWE match yesterday, rapper Wale got into a little match of his own.

Last night, Wale headed to WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” for some good ol’ fashioned wrestling in Washington D.C. Wale was enjoying the show, when things suddenly took a turn for the worse after a fan sitting nearby started heckling him.

A witness told TMZ:

“Wale eventually got up out of his seat and “the next thing I know Wale is putting the smackdown on dude. Punched him dead in his face. It was a full fight.”

Security rushed over and broke up the fight — and took everyone involved into a hallway. Moments later, Wale returned to his seat and began snacking on popcorn like nothing happened.”

Apparently, the other guy involved was also Twitter thuggin’ the rapper during the match.

The fan – who goes by @Chefboyrnach on Twitter – tweeted threats directed towards Wale.

“Did wale just walk by me!? Nahhh b he better come collect this fade”

“You at Monday night raw fuckboy? Come see me in the ring and catch this stunner @wale”

“I gotta rock bottom wale for all my Coli breh who hate him as well”

@Wale LLLMMMMMMMAAAAOOOOO couple rows away breh”

The video below doesn’t exactly show any hands being thrown, but rather just a big “almost-fight.”

This whole altercation is a classic example of “When Twitter Trolling Goes Wrong.”