Bow Wow is back to claiming his blackness — and bragging about his fineness. Just months after trolling the Internet by publicly denouncing his blackness on social media, the rapper is now back to claiming his heritage. In an Instagram video, Bow went into detail about how much fun he had at a party in Dallas and […]

Bow Wow announced that he was heading back to Cleveland to "take over Spirits" nightclub this past Tuesday.

Most celebrities aren’t the biggest fans of paparazzi, especially when they get off of a long flight, and have to face the hounds of them in the airport. To prove a hilarious point, Kendrick Lamar recently decided to troll them while stepping into LAX, where he put them in their place – literally. As he aimed […]

While at a WWE match yesterday, rapper Wale got into a little match of his own. Last night, Wale headed to WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” for some good ol’ fashioned wrestling in Washington D.C. Wale was enjoying the show, when things suddenly took a turn for the worse after a fan sitting nearby started heckling him. A witness […]

His name may not sound familiar, but Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is no stranger to pissing off lots of people and adding fuel to race, sex and gender debates instead of putting out the fires. In short, he is not in the business of extinguishing any type of tension. And that was evident, once […]