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So this happened.

Cops and firefighters decided to participate in a full-out brawl at the New York Police Department-New York Fire Department charity hockey game at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum on Sunday because…reasons.

It’s not exactly clear why the fight started — years of rivalry between NYPD/FDNY, tension during the game, or just releasing all that paramilitary anger — but whatever the cause, it was definitely social media-worthy.

Take a look at this:

And this:

And then there was this close up:

Yeah, shit got really real.

But because it’s hockey and it’s the hockey thing to do, the game continued and the NYPD won 8-5. It was the NYPD’s first victory after five straight wins by the firefighters.

We cannot tell, however, who won the fight.

Officials with the NYPD and the union did not immediately respond to requests for comments. Officials with the New York Fire Department also declined to comment. And we’ll act like none of this happened because…more reasons.

Watch the insane brawl above.

SOURCE: Newsday | VIDEO SOURCE: News Inc, Instagram

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