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We want to be Solange Knowles when we grow up. Or if we can’t be her, we want to at least dress like her.

She may be Beyonce’s little sister, but Solo is definitely not living in her shadow–she’s living her life out loud with a wardrobe that’s quite bold and beautiful. Just like with every other celeb we style stalk, we find ourselves spending a countless amount of time on her Instagram, obsessing over her outfits and wishing we had a wardrobe like hers. Her page is a splash of color in the world of celebrity selfies we scroll through, and that’s what makes her the perfect person to help us help you with a style guide to mixing patterns and prints like a pro, something she does very well.

Mixing and matching may seem daunting, but as you’re about to see, it’s the perfect way to remix your wardrobe–and just in time for spring, too. Instead of spending money on new clothes for the new season, here are six ways to give your wardrobe a new lease on life.

1. Start with stripes. Seems simple enough, right? Stripes are really the easiest way to add some pattern to an outfit. Instead of wearing your usual black top or black jeans with everything, try a stripe instead next time. If it works for Solange, it’ll work for you, too. Trust us.

2. Remember the ratio. One way to mix and match is by taking the same or similar pattern and wearing it in different sizes. This will make for a more fun and visually appealing outfit.

3. Keep the silhouette simple. Wearing prints makes for a busy outfit, so the simpler the silhouette, the better.

4. Go with one color group. This way, you’re still technically matching, but not in a matchy-matchy kind of way.

5. Keep it nice and neutral. Avoid an in-your-face look by lightening it up a bit. Neutral or lighter pieces help to break up all of the pattern and are a good way to create a focal point to your outfit.

6. Pull a color from a pattern. Similar to staying within one color scheme, doing this will add a little fluidity and flow to your ‘fit. By pulling one color from one pattern for another, your whole look will look tied together, effortlessly so.