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Could you imagine walking into a store and making a purchase, only to have an employee be super rude?

We bet you’re yelling “Hell yes, that happens everyday” out loud right now – and it does – but one Subway worker recently took poor customer service to an entirely different level.

Allison Brown, a woman from California who is struggling with her weight, was completely shocked and devastated when a Subway employee wrote the words “Big Mama” on the box containing her order.

She said she’d stopped by the eatery on Hacienda Drive in Vista about two weeks ago to pick up some lunch for herself and her husband, where she ordered a 6-inch tuna sub sandwich and two flat-bread Flatizzas, paid for it all, and left the store.

When she got home she realized what was written on her order and apparently, her initial shock has worsened after the owner explained why it happened.

Allison told 10news:

“I was hurt. I was devastated. I was crying.

She continued:

“It’s not nice to be picked on. It’s not nice to be made fun of. This really destroyed me.”

As for why it happened, the owner says his employee doesn’t know any better.

“He just said he doesn’t know better. He kept trying to explain it to him and his worker didn’t get it.”

The site reports:

“In statement, restaurant owner Sanjiv Mehta said: ‘As a small business owner, I do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. When I learned of this incident I immediately investigated and disciplined the employee involved. I also made contact with the customer in an effort to resolve this matter.'”

Apparently, a letter was sent to Subway’s corporate office that stated legal action was possible but instead of money, Brown would like “anti-discrimination training led by an outside firm for all Subway employees.”

We’re sorry you had to go through that Ms. Brown… people these days.

SOURCE: 10News