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Celebrities at LA Clippers vs Denver Nuggets game at the Staples Center in LA

Looks like Donald Sterling‘s racism is even too much for estranged wife Shelly to handle.

Sterling, who was given a lifetime ban from the NBA after racist recordings were released, says that he and Shelly are in the process of divorcing. The news comes just days after Sterling’s shocking CNN interview where he bashed NBA legend Magic Johnson and blamed others for his discriminative views.

“The poor girl; I don’t know how she can live and deal with this,” he told Anderson Cooper of his wife in an interview broadcast Wednesday night on CNN. “Thank God she has wonderful attorneys — wonderful — and they will protect her.”

The disgraced owner of the LA Clippers is under pressure to sell the team, although he is vowing he will never do such a thing. He did, however, say that if he can’t keep his share of the team, Shelly should be allowed to keep her share.

“If for some reason I can’t have the team, I think she should have her interest,” he said. “I mean, she didn’t do anything. I brought this all on her.”

Shelly Sterling has said she deserves the right to keep her share of the team regardless of what happens to her husband’s share. She also said Sterling might be suffering from dementia.

The divorce would end more than 50 years of marriage between Sterling and Shelly.

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