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Allow us to introduce you to Agnez Mo.

You may not know it just yet, but this girl is somewhat of a big deal. At six years old, Agnez made her music industry debut in her native Indonesia, where she’s been a shining superstar ever since. Just ask any of her fans–she’s got over 10 million of them on Twitter alone. Or take it from Timbaland, who’s giving Agnez a hell of a cosign by executive producing her upcoming album that’s set to drop sometime soon.

About 20 years after her rise to fame as a child, Agnez has her first international single, “Coke Bottle,” and it’s rising steadily to the top of the charts. During her quest for global domination, she made a pit stop at the GlobalGrind office to talk about going global, working with some of the biggest names in the biz, her super sexy single and her, uh, odd obsession with Tyler Perry productions.

Get to know Agnez in the video up top.