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It’s always interesting to see what your favorite artist requests for their tour rider.

While artists like Usher need his M&Ms assorted by color and placed in separate bowls, divas like Mariah Carey demand all white dressing rooms filled with dozens of white roses.

Pop stars like Katy Perry are a little less absurd, but the demands for her tour rider are quite interesting nonetheless. According to Radar Online, Katy Perry’s “Prismatic” tour requires a butler to cut and assort her fresh fruit.

Radar reports

Not only does the 29-year-old enjoy her daily supply of apples, dries figs, celery, peas, grapes and pineapple, but she also demands three bottles of Pinot Grigio, chilled.

Russell Brand’s ex-wife also likes to have an assortment of tortilla chips on hand and has a plethora of interior design demands for her dressing room.

Custom-made French lamps, a cream rug and a director’s chair with her name on it are all on the list.

And Perry wants lots of fresh white and pink flowers in her room, along with plenty of clothes and beauty products.

But the “Roar” singer is also very generous, as the paper reports she shelled out £1,000 on spicy chicken from Nando’s restaurant for her entourage last week after kicking off her world tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

SOURCE: Radar Online

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