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Khloe Kardashian and French Montana might be coming for Bey Z’s “Bonnie ‘N Clyde belt” – just a warning to the Beyhive in case they want to mobilize.

Hiding their relationship must’ve gotten old quickly, because Khlo-Money is not only allowing the paparazzi to catch photos of her and her new beau, she’s posting her own to her personal Instagram account. And French is too.

Most recently, French Khlotana can be seen sitting side-by-side rocking their best shades in a black and white still that represents their love through champagne, jewelry, and guns.

Khloe captioned the shocking photo:

“About to go gucci maaannnnnn. #MovieSet #JustDifferent @frenchmontana”

Yes, Khloe – this photo certainly is different than all the other photos we’ve seen on your Instagram. Her new boy toy reposted the photo, adding a simple and fitting “#bangbang” as his caption.

In other Kardashian news, people loved the gown Khloe wore to KimYe’s pre-wedding dinner at the Palace of Versailles (see above).

The nude gown – which was full of glitzy embellishments, and featured a plunging neckline and high split – apparently has a lot of fashion lovers “scrambling” to find out who designed it and where they can purchase it. Well, E!’s got the deets:

Turns out, the dress is by Australian label Constantina & Louise, and while it’s a custom-made dress (you can’t just drop it in your online shopping cart and have it shipped to you; it’s not quite so simple for a dress this fabulous), interest is piquing—so much so that the brand had to reboot its website because of how many people were flocking to it.

The brand’s designer Dena Danis explained she’s truly experiencing the Kardashian effect. “Khloé contacted me directly,” Danis told the Daily Mail. “But we had no idea what she wanted it for. We had no idea if she was going to wear it at all.”

But clearly, Khloé did end up wearing the dress. “It’s been manic. It’s been crazy,” said Danis of the Kardashian effect.

Honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything less.


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