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An Education Department report released Tuesday says 3,330 forcible sex offenses were reported on campuses in 2011. That is a 51 percent increase from the 2,200 reported a decade ago. Even though sex crimes are steadily increasing, the number of campus crimes in other categories, like car theft and burglary, decreased over the same period of time. Read more here…[HuffPost]

On Wednesday, thieves stole groceries from a Houston woman as she lay dead in her crashed SUV while her two small sons still sat in the back seat. The woman had attended her son’s elementary school graduation before she went grocery shopping and was killed in the accident, reports say. Read more here…[DailyMail]

In Afghanistan, “friendly fire'” killed five American soldiers on Monday evening. Since the war in Afghanistan began in October 2001, 2,323 Americans have lost their lives there. Read more here…[CNN]