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Kendrick Lamar has seen his name all over the media – especially on the lips of his fellow rappers. Recently, K.Dot has been talked about/mentioned by Troy Ave, Lupe Fiasco and Mac Miller, to name a few.

Kendrick met up with KUBE 93 FM’s Nessa and responded to a lot of questions fans have had over the past few weeks. During an interview with Hot 97, Troy Ave stated that Kendrick Lamar was a “weirdo rapper” and explained that while Kendrick was raised in the hood, “it’s a difference between being from an area and being in the streets.” Kendrick discussed Troy Ave’s “weirdo” comment:

“I don’t even know what the definition behind it was. I never met him, I don’t really focus on his music either,” he said.


Kendrick pretty much brushes off all other comments made towards him, and confirms that he is working on a new album – which producer Dr. Dre will have a part in. The album should be due in September 2014.

Kendrick’s keeping it about him and the music – and that’s why he’s one of the most successful in the game. Enjoy the interview above.


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