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In honor of rapper and homie Tupac Shakur‘s 43rd birthday, we have to pour one out for the fallen hip-hop icon. While his beats and rhymes still bump on the radio from time to time, we can’t forget that the West Coast native had some serious ‘90s style. From bandanas to overalls, Tupac showed us what “Thug Life” looked like.

He might be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten. Not with all the gear out here that continues to honor his legacy. Dimepiece LA has some trendy tees that show the rapper in one of his signature looks. O-Mighty Weekend also pays homage with clothing and accessories that sport the “California Love” artist’s face as an all-over print.

Of course the apparel is going fast, and with summer here, these items are not something you want to miss out on. Check out the different Tupac tees, hoodies, and accessories down below.


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