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Syrian warplanes struck several parts of Anbar province in Iraq on Tuesday, killing at least 57 civilians and wounding 120 others. “Unfortunately, (the) Syrian regime carried out barbarian attacks against civilians in Anbar province,” Sabah Karkhout, the head of Iraq’s Anbar provincial council said Wednesday. The claims come as Iraqi forces continue fighting radical Sunni militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In recent weeks, ISIS has taken over swaths of Iraq in its attempt to create an Islamic state stretching from Syria to Iraq. Read about it here…[CNN]

In “Republicans Sticking Their Foot In Their Mouth” news, an Arkansas district chairman had this to say when asked how Hillary Clinton would fare in Arkansas if she pursued the presidency in 2016: “She’d probably get shot at the state line,” 2nd Congressional District chairman Johnny Rhoda told U.S. News. When a reporter pointed out that the former First Lady has a measurable amount of support in a state where her husband served as governor, Rhoda said, “Nobody has any affection for her. The majority don’t.” And nope, nobody blinked an eye at his violent statements. Read about it here…[USNews]

A federal judge has ruled that individuals placed on the U.S. government’s no-fly list, barring them from traveling in or through U.S. airspace, have been denied their constitutional right to due process. You can read about the landmark decision here…[Mashable]

And a 45-year-old Texas man was arrested after police said he held down a teenage girl so his daughter could hit her. Darren Keith Patrick held a 14-year-old girl up against a fence while his daughter hit, kicked, and struck the teenager with a shoe. You can read about it here…[ABC]